Introducing your Queens-in-Waiting for 2016

Here Come the Queens(-in-Waiting)

The tension has just been unbearable, but we are chuffed to bits to announce our 2016 Queens-in-Waiting. Hurrah!


As soon as you read all about them, you’ll be desperate to buy tickets, so before you lose the plot entirely from excitement, why not do that now, here: BUY TICKETS – thanks!

So, in no particular order, your 2016 Queens-in-Waiting…


Coach KerCoachKerryMcCoachry McCoach

She’s the ‘Coachess with the Mostest’ who’s been training the world’s sporting elite for over 25 years. Firm, frank and often controversial, the name Kerry McCoach has become synonymous with sporting success. Now, hot off the release of her tell-all memoir, ‘Be Your Own Cheerleader- The Coach McCoach Story’, Coach Kerry McCoach is here to show you how her coaching methods can be utilised in everyday situations to achieve moderate success in your own life.


DollyDolly-pic1 Clothespeg

Normally found sharing the stage with her fellow band mates: Dolly and the Clothes Pegs, Dolly will be bringing her own brand of singing, banjo skills and spoon playing to Alternative Queen. She loves being part of a band, but is looking forward to trying something new and going it solo, just for the night!




Party Princessstock-photo-12145007-snowman-cake-fell-over

A cabaret style act telling the story of a Princess for children’s parties and the realities of finding love in a very non-Disney world! Combining music and comedy, and is most definitely not an act for children!!



You may have noticed that we’ve fewer contestants here than previous years. FRET NOT! The show is slightly shorter, so this just gives everyone a fair crack. HOWEVER – we are still looking for one more contestant to enter. Can be anything! 3-5mins of whatever you want to show-off. If you think you could do that then pop on over to application form, and let us know: ALTERNATIVE QUEEN APPLICATION FORM

Or alternatively, drop us a line at if you want to know more!

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