And the 2014 winner is…

Ali Carroll as Alt Queen 2014 Robyn Thick_Credit Richard McKenzieBow down to Robyn Thick!

Yes, last night Robyn Thick was crowned Alternative Queen of Reading, with her take on the controversial hit song #blurredlines

Asking #whoselineisitanyway, Robyn’s comedy take poked fun at the posturing of the original whilst making a serious point about boundaries.



Runner up was Poetess, aka Naomi Pyle, who was commended for her entertaining tour of Reading and it’s many sights.

However, the audience loved all the contestants! Anna Jones unashamedly shared her dating disasters to much hilarity, whilst Elsie Fanackerpants played the clown (and the ukulele.)

AQ70Annabella Di Pollo baffled, amused and impressed the audience in equal measure, with her theatrical telling of the rise and fall of a child star.

AQ57Miss Feminism used comedy to deliver an entertaining lecture on the importance of feminism.  And Dr. Frank N Shelley rocked Rocky Horror with her Sweet Transvestite rendition.

10857186_10155228114770517_8155501839682372295_oAdditional entertainment was provided by Dame La Reine, celebrating her burlesque birthday with her troupe, the Reinettes, whilst Adult Dance tapped their way into the audience’s hearts.


All of which added up to a riotous night! Don’t miss out on next year – keep an eye on the website and follow our Twitter feed @altqueen for news and updates on Alternative Queen of Reading 2015!

The Alternative Queen of Reading 2014

The Alternative Queen of Reading 2014

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