We Have A Winner!

After a excellent night of singing, ranting, banjo playing, and motivational speaking, our wonderful judges picked our Alternative Queen 2016… *DRUMROLL*

The Queens Awaiting Judgement. Credit: Aidan Moran

Congratulations to Party Princess

The Coronation of Queen Party Princess! Credit: Aidan Moran

Party Princess, with runner-up Coach Kerry McCoach. Credit: Aidan Moran

All of our contestants were absolutely marvellous, as you can see from their enthusiastic performances (credit: Aidan Moran)

Party Princess. Credit: Aidan Moran F.U. L'Oreal, aka Mad at the Ads. Credit: Aidan Moran Coach Kerry McCoach. Credit: Aidan Moran Dolly Clothespeg. Credit: Aidan Moran

They all coped very well with the task of creating a tribute to the judges out of newspaper, and our willing victims volunteers from the audience coped very well with being posed into statues that best represented our Queens-in-waiting


alternative_queern_-290_28525760275_o  alternative_queern_-291_27909996003_o

Thank you to all our judges Gog, Lorna McArdle & Perez Chepkorir Muge, as well as the Berlin Baroness for keeping a watchful eye on all our proceedings, and to organisers Steph Weller, Kate Shaw & Lauren Purcell for bringing AQ 2016 to fruition. Finally thanks to all our audience for being wonderful and generous, we’ll have an announcement ASAP about how much we raised. If you’re wondering what it was all in aid of, here is the text of the speech from Lorna that Kate & Steph read about the important work SupportU do.

“Support U has helped over 2,000 people who needed support with coming out as LGB and T. With the money raised tonight, you are helping [SupportU] to save lives. Sounds dramatic, but they are. The people using their service are sometimes so low, they are ready to self harm and finish their life early. SupportU needs revenue to keep their service running. In turn their 30+ Volunteers will continue to support those who need it for free, for any age, any sexuality, any gender. They have been working hard to get paid staff, and are pleased to announce they will have 2 staff members starting on Monday, whose aim is to support schools, children and family with LGBT Bullying. These roles are being funded by Children In Need.”

L-R: Berlin Baroness, Gog, Party Princess, Perez Chepkorir Muge, Lorna McArdle. Credit: Aidan Moran

See you all in 2017!

Back row L-R: Kate Shaw, Coach McCoach, Dolly Clothespeg, Party Princess, FU L’Oreal, Perez Chipokrir Muge. Front row L-R: Berlin Baroness, Gog, Lorna McArdle, Lauren Purcell, Steph Weller. Credit: Aidan Moran

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